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Importing and exporting notes

Importing from Evernote

Joplin can import complete Evernote notebooks, as well as notes, tags, images, attached files and note metadata (such as author, geo-location, etc.) via ENEX files.

To import Evernote data, first export your Evernote notebooks to ENEX files as described here. Then, on desktop, do the following: Open File > Import > ENEX and select your file. The notes will be imported into a new separate notebook. If needed they can then be moved to a different notebook, or the notebook can be renamed, etc. Read more about Evernote import.

Importing from other apps

Joplin can also import notes from many other apps as well as from Markdown or text files.

Exporting notes

Joplin can export to the JEX format (Joplin Export file), which is an archive that can contain multiple notes, notebooks, etc. This is a format mostly designed for backup purposes. You may also export to other formats such as plain Markdown files, to JSON or to PDF. Find out more about exporting notes on the official website.